(typically up to 2 hours or more per appointment)

Need help with the home electrics such as:

  • A non working exterior light

  • LED spot light(s) flickering or 'burned out'

  • Nuisance tripping of a circuit breaker or RCD

  • Mending a broken switch or socket outlet

Maybe you're wanting to swap out an existing lighting fixture for a newly purchased one.​

Doing some DIY around the house and need a little help with figuring out the wiring, switches, or socket outlets.​

Relatively simple jobs like this can be sorted, repaired or installed (and as required) inspected and tested safe usually within a couple of hours.​

Please contact me or click the Submit a Query button below.



(typically requires a quotation, possibly a proposal and a contract agreement)

Making changes to your home's electric circuits, could be any of the following:

  • Adding socket outlets to a room for convenience

  • Replacing a double socket outlet in a bedroom or kitchen with a socket outlet + USB outlets for charging personal devices

  • Adding an exterior socket outlet or light

  • Relocating a light switch or socket outlet to a new location

These electrical Services and more, along with issuing a Minor Works Certificate, are all Services I offer. Rest assured in knowing that all of my installation work comes fully inspected and tested in accordance with BS 7671:2018 (18th Edition) Wiring Regulations.



(booking for a full day or longer)

... offering assistance to those needing some help with their DIY project

Perhaps it's not within your budget for a full complete installation or full contract agreement between us. I can provide shorter Service intervals offering assistance and 'consultation' where you might need some extra practical knowledge and some more 'hands-on' help with the trickier parts of your project.​

This can even be for general building & maintenance or even 'handyman' Services. You can bring me onboard to assist with your project, learn some 'tricks of the trade' and then continue on with your project when your ready to proceed without me.​

Please contact me for further information about this Service.

Please Note: the minimum duration of hire is 1 day.


CONTRACTOR+ (sub-contract)

(booking for a full day or longer)

I think we have all been there at some point. Something happens on the jobsite and things are no longer going according to plan. Time and more effort just got added to the schedule. The client may also be aware and is starting to ask questions about the all important handover date.
It could be things were uncovered during the course of the project which weren't predicted in the original scope. Maybe there's an exceptionally long punch list to knock out before final handover to the client.

Or maybe you just need a extra set of hands on this particular project (where normally you are self contained enterprise).

Whatever the case may be, I can offer my Services, equipment and expertise to assist with your project.
I provide:
•    My own public liability insurance and transportation to and from the jobsite.
+ I have a full suite of tools, all properly maintained and ready to be put to work. (including but not limited to):
•    Power planers, 
•    Routers, 
•    Power Saws (Compound Mitre and Table), 
•    Air compressor and nail guns, 
•    Plastering tools, 
•    Drills (SDS+ & SDS MAX hammer, cordless and corded; 1/2" chuck),
•    Welders (yes welders) and grinders, 
•    Portable magnetic drilling machine for steelwork, 
•    Ladders,
•    Caulking tools, 
•    Paint sprayers, 
•    Paint brushes and rollers, 
•    Dust cloths, 
•    + All of my 'spark' tools and trade skills

You, the Contractor, provide:
•    Guidance and instructions for the tasks you want performed
•    Any materials and/or consumable items needed to complete the job
I offer a competitive CONTRACTOR+ (sub-contract) hourly rate.


Please contact me for further details about this service.

Please Note: the minimum duration of hire is 1 day.

Pergola REV02.png

(a bit of everything)

CAD Design and Visualisation

The ability to plan, prepare and visualize the more involved projects.

Photo: 2D CAD Drawing of Bespoke Pergola, July 2021 (used for client acceptance, material take-off and construction planning)