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Recent Job History

Job highlights

Kitchen Refurbishment, Full House Rewire, Chester


Collaborating with CID Solutions for Notifiable Work according to Part P of the Building Regualtions:

  • Old kitchen tear out.

  • Stud wall contruction.

  • Plasterboard installation.

  • Plumbing for kitchen supply and drains.

  • Fuse board replacements for house and garage.

  • Full rewire throughout including new flush mount accessories.

  • CAT 6 network cable installation throughout house.

E1 Waterhouse Residence REV A2021-09-09 10.10.01-2
E2 Waterhouse Residence REV A
E3 Waterhouse Residence REV B

Bespoke Wardrobe Installation, Nantwich

September 2021

Teamed up with Everything Interiors design for a three day installation of:

  • Wardrobe assembly from flat pack delivery.

  • Integrated LED lighting strip assembly and comissioning.

  • Carcass installation and drawer and door fitting.

  • Scribe end panel installation.

Rental Property Maintenance and Repair, Liverpool

September 2021

Two day job of:

  • Replacement of broken Fused Spur for Electric Radiator.

  • Replacement of damaged socket outlet.

  • Repair of damaged plasterboard corner.

  • Repair of damaged door handles.

  • Repair of damaged mail box.

  • Replacement of light bulbs in cooker extractor.

Silicone Sealant, Mirror and Shelf Hanging, Chester

September 2021

Afternoon service visit to:

  • Apply silicone sealant around skirting board in bathroom.

  • Hang large mirror.

  • Install floating shelf.

  • Hang plant bracket.

General Handyman & Pergola Design/Installed

May & July 2021

A repeat customer:

  • Installed Cabinetry/Storage Solutions from Ikea.

  • Pergola design in 3D CAD.

  • Material purchasing according to Bill of Materials

  • Off-site cutting materials for installation.

  • On-site installation.

Total working time 3 days.

Cupboard Installation Hallway
Cabinet Installation Bathroom
Pergola REV02
Raw Materials
Pegola REV02 3D Rendering
Installation Day Midday
Installation Day End of Day
Day 1: Start of job
Day 1: Chimney Breast Demolished
Day 1: Plaster Board On
Day 2: Corner Bead and 1st Skim
Day 2: Second (Final) Skim On
Day 3: Skirting Installed

Chimney Breast Covering

June 2021

Dismantle and cover over existing chimney breast:

  • Remove/discard old materials.

  • Install plasterboard.

  • Skim coat with joint compound.

  • Install skirting trim.

Total working time 3 days.

Lights and Guitars

May 2021

Handyman's Holiday Weekend Special:

  • Replace light switch plate with metallic clad light switch plate 

  • Replace | repair undercabinet lighting in kitchen

  • Replace | make good 3 directional down lights with dimmable LEDs

  • Route and fix CAT 6 network cable between 2 rooms

  • Replace 6 door latches

  • Replace exterior LED light

  • Mount 6 guitars on wall mounted guitar hooks

  • Test and certify safe all altered circuits 

  • Plastering (making good) holes created in plasterboard

Round mortise latch replacement
Round mortise latch replacement

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CAT 6 first fix
CAT 6 first fix

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CAT 6 route access holes
CAT 6 route access holes

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Worktop Cut, Fit and Installation

March 2021

A DIY+ job where the client brought me in to trim and fit worktops to an existing kitchen.

Total working time 1 day.

Fence Repair

March 2021

Complete tear out and rebuild of a rotted out front garden fence.

New concrete posts, gravel boards and fence panels installed and fitted.

Total working time 2+ days.

Utility Room Relocation

Late January 2021 - Early March 2021

Full relocation of a utility room to be inside a finished garage.

A bit of everything:

  • Rough Joinery and Plasterboard

  • Plaster (Joint Compound)

  • Plumbing Supply and Drains

  • Finish Joinery/Worktop Cutting

  • 1st and 2nd Fix Electrical

  • Audio Video Cabling

Functional Repair of Radiator Before Painting

December, 2020

  • Removed a radiator and replaced the damaged drywall with plywood pieces to offer the radiator secure anchorage to the wall.

  • Plywood pieces were plaster patched, primed and painted before remounting the radiator.

  • Central heating system was recharged and bled throughout the house to re-commission the heating system back into service.

Total working time: 2+ days

Brickwork Repair

December, 2020

"No job too small".

Here the "handy" skills come together to remove an abandoned sink and dishwasher drain out of an exterior wall, replace and repoint the brickwork.

Total working time: 1 day

Bespoke Shelving

December, 2020

Custom fabricated and finished for fitting into a unique corner of  someone's kitchen and a boys room.

Need some help installing a shelves like these to a wall to de-clutter some space? Ask for a quote.

Total working time (for this bespoke solution): 2+ days labour + materials.

Total working time for a purchased shelf (mounting securely to the wall): 1/2 day labour + materials.

Bathtub Replacement

September 2020

  • Full tear out and replacement of damaged bathtub including replacing damaged (dry rot) sub floor.

  • New shower panel and reused the bathtub fixtures.

Total working time 2+ days.